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Please Note: I never really got around to developing this site properly, so if you have a good idea for an "Australia" based wiki let me (moc.liamg|riafnekrad#moc.liamg|riafnekrad) know about it, and I will be happy to hand the site over to you to develop further.

This site is designed to be a resource for anyone wishing to create a wiki for an Australian community. I know from experience that it is very hard to create a wiki community from scratch, so I don't expect to get much help, at least initially, but I'm planning to create as many community wikis as I can from a common template to get the ball rolling. Anyone & everyone will be welcome to use the template to set up a site for their community, and to advertise it or any other relevant community wikis here.


Why? I'm glad you asked! I've been working in Australian Local Government for a bit over 20 years, and I have come to believe that a lot of money is wasted by Council's reinventing the wheel over and over again, and by employing consultants help out with tasks that other Councils have already done before. I believe that Councils could become far more efficient, if they freely and openly shared information with each other and their residents. I have had a bit of success encouraging Councils to share information with each other via the Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base, but I think that Councils sharing information with each other is only part of the story.

I think schools, community organisations and sporting clubs from around Australia could also benefit greatly by sharing information with each other.

This site is about harnessing the collective intelligence of Australian communities to make Australia a better place.

Australian Community Wikis

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